How can you tell me my children are safe,
Why would I trust you to know?
I need to discover where they have gone…
Why will you not let me go?
Mother and Father will be worried tonight,
If I am not on my way home.
They must know I’m here, they brought me today,
They would not want me left here alone.
How can my things be in a room
When I’ve never been here before?
I don’t want your tea and I don’t want to sit…
I just want to get out of that door!
My husband will have plenty to say about this,
He wants tea on the table by five!
He will be home from work in a bit…
Why tell me that “he’s not alive”?
Why would you lie to a girl like me?
How can you be so unkind?
You stand there are tell me terrible lies,
And make me think I’ve gone out of my mind.
How would you like it if I did this to you?
Kept you prisoner and not tell you why?
How can you tell me I need to calm down
When all I can do is cry?
So mind out of my way, I need to get out,
I have plenty of things left to do.
But before I go, I must just ask…
What on earth is wrong with you?
I heard all you’ve said but it’s rubbish dear,
Nothing has made sense you see.
You’ve got things muddled, you’re a bit confused,
And now you’re confusing me.
I have nothing against you as a person you know,
I am sure that you have been mislead…
But if all of the things you told me are right
I really would rather be dead.


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