Soar towards a summer sunrise, silhouette to those below,

Spread your wings, feel the freedom, earthly cares- let them go.

Come fly with me, reach for the sky with me, nothing’s too high with me, be mine!


Reach out to a kindred spirit, wrap your arms around my soul,

Take me to a higher level- be with me and make me whole.

Come lie with me, surrender and cry with me, let time pass by with me- be mine!


Let us glide through fragrant meadows, shout at waves along the shore,

Hold my hand on rocky hilltops, love me on the forest floor,

Come run with me, laugh in the sun with me, then be as one with me – be mine!


As the day is slowing fading, stars are sparkling in the skies,

Lay your head alongside mine, discover peace and shut your eyes,

Come die with me, one last goodbye with me, look back and sigh with me, be mine

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