The power of now….

NOW is no good to a story-teller or a poet….
How do you grow an imagined rhyme when all there is is present time?
NOW is not where  stories are born – NOW must be torn from the mind
To find that blurry-eyed state where the hero’s fate is written –
For heroes are not of NOW…how can NOW teach us? How would it reach us?
For as soon as it happened NOW has passed ….
Past….it is history
NOW holds no such mystery!
NOW is not where the Faeries play,
They are dancing away in daydreamed hours
Living in flowers and trees which NOW never sees,
Because NOW can’t step into that magical place where time is suspended –
Where the numbers don’t race and fall off the face of the clock
To the rock of the past which NOW has cast aside
In the all-flowing tide -one moment then another –
There is nothing else -so how can there be other?
No stories, no dreaming …NOW has no deeper meaning.
It’s there, it’s gone – doesn’t take long…
But NOW is happening , it’s bang on trend –
And NOW has finished …forever….

Faux pas

It started as an innocent word, thrown into a sentence: the first drop of rain that started the flood, the tiny ripple which led to a tsunami….one innocent word thrown into a sentence. And with that final straw, the camel’s back snapped asunder and the world ended.
Just saying!!!!!


She was always my one…my Daphne.
Not pretty nor fun but .. my Daphne.
Other women came and went.
Some I missed, some I gladly sent on their way
And spent a day with my love when they went-
My angelic Daphne was heaven lent.
She was there when clouds were grey;
My peace, my solace,always my way,
No judgement- just sun and azure skies
Like a golden blonde with fluid blue eyes.
But like the river, life flowed on through
Our days dried up to just a few…
Though she remained in my heart-
My lovely Daphne was torn apart
Her colours fading with her pride,
Broken and battered by the tide of time.
I wish that last ride was mine to choose
Lay me in Daphnes’s arms and set me loose
To sail with my muse to the seas above..
Never just a boat..
Bon voyage my love.


My friend…

You’ve been a shoulder to cry on,
You’ve lent a listening ear..
In fact you’ve lent so many,
I’m amazed that you can still hear!
You’ve been my rock when I’ve needed,
Standing silent whilst I cry…
Yet never asked any questions,
You never demand to know why.
You’re there when I’m at my happiest
You join in the madness as well,
We have a similar humour….
You make me LOL!
Thanks for putting up with all of my whining,
All the texts I send….
Just saying I’m really grateful
To have you as my friend x

to the Wolf by my shoulder.


Where did she go ….that girl I used to know so well –
The snow fell into her globe and she rode away,
Her robe flying behind that day, she left so fast,
Leaving the glass shattered amongst the ice shards.
One turn of the cards and the tarot told
Of a love turned barren, a heart grown cold.
But she misread the pictures, it was not her fate…
All she had to do was wait!
i must find her before it’s too late,
And tell her to sit in the shade and pray for the scars to fade,
To live with the sadness, and dine on the pain
Until the sun comes out-if it ever does-again.

Meet me on the moon

She gazed at her memories and recalled his face,

He was far far away in a different place.

She cried to the wind, a voice sweet and clear,

A voice that his heart and soul could hear:


Meet me on the moon so we can be together now!

Make it very soon so we can start forever now!

Love amongst the stars…just you and I.

Meet me in a dream so we can dance nightly,

Sleep is so serene if you hold me tightly,

Love amongst the stars…just you and I.


The breeze touched his face, he felt the touch of her hand,

He heard her heart’s cry from across the land.

His answering call said without spoken word

Reached her soul and she knew it was him that she heard:


Meet me in the air, breathe me to the heart of you,

Know I’m always there, never far apart from you,

Love amongst the clouds…just you and I.

Meet me in your soul for that is where I want to be,

Then we shall be whole, together for eternity,

Love amongst the clouds…just you and I.

Inside my head…



The thunder rages, bruising my spirit with torments and insults and cruel truths

Lightning strikes fear deep deep into my core, paralysing my very breath.

Storm clouds block hope;

Torrential rain floods my soul and I drown amidst the tempest of thoughts

Inside my head.

Yet sometimes there is summer evening peace,

Blackbird song trilling doubts away. Gentle day’s end soothes my spirit into carefree slumber,

All is calm and warm, safe

Inside my head.

And sometimes a mist of insidious paranoia cloaks the sun,

Unseen mouths criticise every move,

Twitching curtains watch and judge and tell-

And “they” spread every thought to the world-

Inside my head.

And sometimes I dream of you-

Perfect love whilst the world goes by,

Soul touching soul,

Heart holding onto heart.

Body- ah your body! With mine.

Yet the dream can hurt like a nightmare, as it is all just

Inside my head.




The midnight bell tolled-

Each strike a death knell to the day,

Yet soon a vaguely recounted memory as the next took its place.

Then just as it seemed that the sound would vibrate forever… nothing followed.

The last chime hung expectantly in the air, then faded-

The midnight bell tolled no more.

And as its mournful tone died away to be forgotten into yesterday,

She realised that she had missed the ball,

Her thoughts had remained stuck on the mundane,

Never looking beyond her self-imposed cage.

And she had not seen her fairy Godmother waiting at the spotless sill tapping at the glass.

Not now for her a dance with a Prince,

Nor even a dalliance with a lesser dignitary,

For the music had stopped, the glitter had faded- only the un-chipped slippers still sparkled,

All else was silent and dark.

Waking the next morning, she gave a cry of despair and ran from the house-

Who had left finger prints on her precious glass?

Bemoaning her fate to live amongst fools,

She wiped the last remnants of hope from her life.



Soar towards a summer sunrise, silhouette to those below,

Spread your wings, feel the freedom, earthly cares- let them go.

Come fly with me, reach for the sky with me, nothing’s too high with me, be mine!


Reach out to a kindred spirit, wrap your arms around my soul,

Take me to a higher level- be with me and make me whole.

Come lie with me, surrender and cry with me, let time pass by with me- be mine!


Let us glide through fragrant meadows, shout at waves along the shore,

Hold my hand on rocky hilltops, love me on the forest floor,

Come run with me, laugh in the sun with me, then be as one with me – be mine!


As the day is slowing fading, stars are sparkling in the skies,

Lay your head alongside mine, discover peace and shut your eyes,

Come die with me, one last goodbye with me, look back and sigh with me, be mine