Soar towards a summer sunrise, silhouette to those below,

Spread your wings, feel the freedom, earthly cares- let them go.

Come fly with me, reach for the sky with me, nothing’s too high with me, be mine!


Reach out to a kindred spirit, wrap your arms around my soul,

Take me to a higher level- be with me and make me whole.

Come lie with me, surrender and cry with me, let time pass by with me- be mine!


Let us glide through fragrant meadows, shout at waves along the shore,

Hold my hand on rocky hilltops, love me on the forest floor,

Come run with me, laugh in the sun with me, then be as one with me – be mine!


As the day is slowing fading, stars are sparkling in the skies,

Lay your head alongside mine, discover peace and shut your eyes,

Come die with me, one last goodbye with me, look back and sigh with me, be mine


How can you tell me my children are safe,
Why would I trust you to know?
I need to discover where they have gone…
Why will you not let me go?
Mother and Father will be worried tonight,
If I am not on my way home.
They must know I’m here, they brought me today,
They would not want me left here alone.
How can my things be in a room
When I’ve never been here before?
I don’t want your tea and I don’t want to sit…
I just want to get out of that door!
My husband will have plenty to say about this,
He wants tea on the table by five!
He will be home from work in a bit…
Why tell me that “he’s not alive”?
Why would you lie to a girl like me?
How can you be so unkind?
You stand there are tell me terrible lies,
And make me think I’ve gone out of my mind.
How would you like it if I did this to you?
Kept you prisoner and not tell you why?
How can you tell me I need to calm down
When all I can do is cry?
So mind out of my way, I need to get out,
I have plenty of things left to do.
But before I go, I must just ask…
What on earth is wrong with you?
I heard all you’ve said but it’s rubbish dear,
Nothing has made sense you see.
You’ve got things muddled, you’re a bit confused,
And now you’re confusing me.
I have nothing against you as a person you know,
I am sure that you have been mislead…
But if all of the things you told me are right
I really would rather be dead.



She sits half asleep, day after day,  in a world made senseless by her own brain.
Oblivious to all that surrounds her,
Lost in her own emotions.
Lost in the feelings of the person she has become-
For she no longer remembers who she is.
She no longer remembers where she is.
She no longer remembers why she is.
She just exists.
Exists in a place of confusion, a place of noise-a cacophony of discordant sounds and sights.
Body made comfortable, mind soothed, she rests-
Only to wake to a nightmare. Every time.
Hands touching her. Hands from nowhere.
Voices. Incomprehensible voices.
Her reaction is instinctive, primal, fright.
Can you see beyond the screams of this wizened creature,
Can you look beyond the smell of urine,
Can you see the beauty she once was?
More…can you see the beauty she still is?
There is a heart beating. A soul crying. A life nearing its end.


A tribute to a real poet….

When I was first here, a woman around my age,
Tho it's so hard to tell, you never can gauge...
Read a poem....WELL, it was more blue than beige
And she said THE favourite, I'm so jealous...enraged...
And nothing else will this anger assuage...
So I need an excuse for that button to engage...
I'll pretend to be a poet, a bard, a sage...
And I'll drop the sweetly...and wage WAR
On the woman who rattled my cage!
I'll wind myself up into a terrible rage
And spit forth my after page...
Hate speech about politicians, the EU, football, old age...
Until I'm the one who says CUNT on stage!


Silhouette against a menacing sky,
Winter dead tree, pointing an unveiled threat with knarled fingers
Against the leaden grey backdrop of a coming storm.
Atop the tallest branch sits corvid,
Evil eyed.
Black. Black. Black.
Illuminated by the dying gasp of a low slung sun which struggles to flee the swallowing clouds-
The thunder already sounding the death knell.
The rain comes and still he sits-
Black. Black. Black.
Unfeeling. Uncaring. Unmoved.
Master of the sky, devourer of the Earth,
Malevolent statue charged with life,
Stone still, a gargoyle watching the ruin beneath with his sharp stare,
Mocking with his cry-
Black. Black. Black.


Like a moth, given up the fight
Lonely day and empty night,
Forlornly fluttering in aimless flight
Until in the gloom she saw his light.
On timid wings fearing defeat
She ventured near, she felt his heat,
her heart ablaze with resounding beat
It felt so right, it felt so sweet.
Like a moth prepared to fight,
She flew towards him on that night.
Aimed for love, determined flight
She had eyes only for his light.
On eager wings that seemed to dance
her colours bright, his frequent glance
Her courage grew at each advance,
Eyes aglow, she took her chance.
Like a moth, she could not fight
Her determined path to him that night
But she was doomed, her final flight-
he scorned her love, burned her with his light.
On broken wings too scorched to fly
She cursed her heart-the reason why
She’d lost the cold freedom of the sky
She fell to earth, waiting to die.

little tiny dream

A noise disturbs me, the magic is gone – I look around and realise it was a daydream. I am not in the dream. I am me. Tears prick the back of my eyes as reality descends and somewhere inside me, a little girls cries as she realises that life is never going to deliver, she knows now that the rainbow was always an illusion

water of life

I lie awake      -my sleep disturbed and rippled by the murmured
foul nothings of Dickensian Ghouls, dripping fear into my soul.
With each whispered drop from the dank voices of
“What if…”
                                “Supposing….” and
                                                             “Are you sure…”
  I sink deeper into the
unfathomable murky depths of the Putrid Pool of Paranoia
until I am drowning in self pity, self doubt, self hate.
Morning brings gasps of air.
I flounder through the day, watching others gliding by, riding the tide of life
whilst I am swamped by the waves


It lives in my head and defiles my soul,
The demon who whispers dark thoughts into my ear.
No-one can see it
No-one can hear it
Except me.
It shows me suspicion,
It speaks of pain.
It exudes paranoia.
It tells me of the shadows which partner the light,
Of the cloud which swallows the silver lining.
It makes every sunrise a time to be dreaded,
Every day another walk with fear by my side.
Each evening the nightmares bring hellish torture
As night time destroys any sense of reality.
Worst of all, the knowledge that the self destruction is self inflicted
Do I kill the demon?
For the demon is me.

Inside beats the heart of a child

Time has etched a script upon my face,
Each line a memory I cannot erase,
But inside beats the heart of a child.
My eyes remember the sun and the rain,
Picturing happiness, picturing pain,
And inside beats the heart of a child.
Slow now, my body, weathered and worn,
Spirit is failing, the life from me torn,
But inside beats the heart of a child.
I still long for rainbows, for love and for home
Age does not give you a soul made of stone
Because inside beats the heart of a child.
I dream of a lover, a prince clad in white;
He bears me on horseback into the night,
As inside beats the heart of a child.
So look at me now, who do you see?
PLEASE not a old lady…I am still me.
And inside beats the heart of a child.
Talk to me, laugh with me, praise what I do
Because one day these words might just come from you…