Inside my head…



The thunder rages, bruising my spirit with torments and insults and cruel truths

Lightning strikes fear deep deep into my core, paralysing my very breath.

Storm clouds block hope;

Torrential rain floods my soul and I drown amidst the tempest of thoughts

Inside my head.

Yet sometimes there is summer evening peace,

Blackbird song trilling doubts away. Gentle day’s end soothes my spirit into carefree slumber,

All is calm and warm, safe

Inside my head.

And sometimes a mist of insidious paranoia cloaks the sun,

Unseen mouths criticise every move,

Twitching curtains watch and judge and tell-

And “they” spread every thought to the world-

Inside my head.

And sometimes I dream of you-

Perfect love whilst the world goes by,

Soul touching soul,

Heart holding onto heart.

Body- ah your body! With mine.

Yet the dream can hurt like a nightmare, as it is all just

Inside my head.


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