She was always my one…my Daphne.
Not pretty nor fun but .. my Daphne.
Other women came and went.
Some I missed, some I gladly sent on their way
And spent a day with my love when they went-
My angelic Daphne was heaven lent.
She was there when clouds were grey;
My peace, my solace,always my way,
No judgement- just sun and azure skies
Like a golden blonde with fluid blue eyes.
But like the river, life flowed on through
Our days dried up to just a few…
Though she remained in my heart-
My lovely Daphne was torn apart
Her colours fading with her pride,
Broken and battered by the tide of time.
I wish that last ride was mine to choose
Lay me in Daphnes’s arms and set me loose
To sail with my muse to the seas above..
Never just a boat..
Bon voyage my love.



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